Public Hearing POSTPONED

The Public Hearing scheduled for March 15 to consider a proposed schedule of adjustments to the rates our agency will charge for water service over the next three years has been postponed.

Western has been researching ways to enhance our already successful water budget-based rate structure, which hasn’t been altered since it was adopted in 2011. Since then, we have seen the impacts of a historic, multi-year drought and state-mandated water efficiency measures. Costs have increased for energy, maintenance, treatment, infrastructure, delivery, and supply, which must be taken into account when reviewing current water and service rates. Rates were last increased in January 2015. Since that increase, Western has utilized reserves instead of changing water rates, despite increases in day-to-day operations and on-going price increases from our water and energy providers.

Water rates will be re-evaluated with a new Public Hearing likely held later this year along with a new effective date yet to be determined. In an effort to reduce the proposed water rate increase, staff will be focusing over the next few months on securing additional lower cost water supplies from neighboring water agencies that could help reduce the proposed rate increase.


Notice of Public Hearing on Proposed Rates

Riverside Potable Service Area

Riverside Nonpotable Service Area
March East Service Area
Murrieta Service Area
Rainbow Service Area
IAWP Ag Service Area
Non IAWP Ag Service Area

Resolution 2974 

Resolution to be considered for adoption by the Board of Directors after the conclusion of the Public Hearing.

Water Rate Study Reports

Riverside Service Area (Including March East and Rainbow Service Areas)

Murrieta Service Area

Power Zones Map

Water Budgets Rate Structure

The Water Budget Rates webpage has full details about the water budget rate structure. If you wish to contest charges related to going over your property's water budget, please fill out this form.