Water Use Regulations & Restrictions

Living EfficientlyFollowing the Restrictions & State Mandates

After four consecutive years of drought, Governor Brown issued an Executive Order April 1, 2015, to address this serious situation, implementing a new water-saving mandate of a 25 percent reduction in urban water usage statewide. Although customer efforts have resulted in a notable reduction in water use, the Governor’s mandate could result in steeper reduction requests.The State Water Resources Control Board’s proposed framework, which is being created to meet the Governor’s mandate, would potentially require Western and our customers to reduce water use 35 percent MORE. We believe the framework is unfairly calculated, and we will be submitting comments to affect change to this critical mandate. Credit should be given for the work you have already done to reduce water use.

Key Dates
Jan. 2013 Governor Brown declares a drought
March 2015 State Water Resources Control Board announced new emergency regulations
April 2015 Governor’s mandate of 25 percent reduction in urban water use statewide

Riverside County will always wrestle with water supply challenges caused by natural and regulatory conditions. Since July 2009, our customers and residents in our general service area have done a great job reducing waste and using water wisely, achieving a water use reduction of roughly 30 percent. Customers' continued resolve in using water wisely along with new local water sources developed by Western, such as desalting brackish groundwater, is helping to secure our water supply.

About 3(b) – Common-sense Water Restrictions Remain In Effect

• No landscape water runoff or overspray allowed
• No hosing down driveways or patios
• No watering during or within 48 hours after rain

Western & Customer Successes

• General water demand has been reduced, particularly in the spring months
• Imported water demand is down 17 percent since 2010
• Full compliance of the Water Conservation Act of 2009 (20 x 2020) has been achieved
• Over-budget water use is down 23 percent or 10 gallons per capita per day (GPCD) in 2013
• Water Use Efficiency Program participation is up
• Turf Replacement Program participation has jumped nearly 150 percent from 2013

Water Conservation & Supply Shortage Program (Retail Water) Water Conservation & Supply Shortage - Stage One
Landscape Ordinances

Drought Allocation Plan (Wholesale Water)
Western's Board of Directors approved the District's Drought Allocation Plan at its Sept. 3, 2008, board meeting and public hearing.