Drought & Restrictions

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Outdoor Water Use Restored

Western Customers Still Expected to Use Water Wisely During the Drought.

New Drought Restrictions Result in Continued Water Use Efficiency

Resolution 2958 - Moving From Shortage Stage 4 Substage B to Stage 3 Substage B of Districts Retail Water Supply Shortage Contingency Plan

Western’s move to Stage 3(b) returns the outdoor water budgets to 100 percent. Western customers can now apply the amount of water that is necessary to maintain a healthy landscape, within their allotted water budget. Previously, in May 2015, Western’s Board adopted Water Shortage Stage 4(b), which reduced all outdoor (landscape) water budgets by 30 percent.  

About 3(b) – Common-sense Water Restrictions Remain In Effect

  • No landscape water runoff or overspray allowed
  • No hosing down driveways or patios
  • No watering during or within 48 hours after rain
Western will reinstate Tier 3 prices for water use between 100 and 125 percent of budget. In addition to receiving 100 percent of outdoor water budget allocations. Western customers who remain under the 125 percent allocation no longer pay hefty tier 5 pricing. Only customers exceeding the 125 percent of their budget will pay tier 5 costs.

In early June 2016, Western’s Board of Director’s adopted a resolution to implement Stage 3(b) of the Water Shortage Contingency Plan. This action follows May’s State Water Resources Control Board decision to allow water suppliers to self-certify their ability to meet water demands. The adopted plan will affect Western’s retail customers.

As California nears the fifth year of a state-wide drought, several water agencies, including Western, have been working with the State Water Resources Control Board to implement a program for self-certification, based on an individual agency’s available water supply.

The state is still under a drought emergency as mandated by Gov. Brown; however, the SWRCB is changing the conservation requirements due to a wetter hydrology in Northern California. The revisions of the state water use restrictions, combined with the adoption of Western’s resolution to change stages in the shortage contingency plan means some relief for Western customers.

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