Murrieta Ad Hoc Committee


Western is currently reviewing future water delivery plans to ensure a high level of service at the lowest cost to our Murrieta Service Area customers.

In 2005, Western merged the former Murrieta County Water District into our operations. Since that time, Western has had the privilege of providing our valued customers with reliable service. Western has made many improvements and continues to do so today.

On June 7, 2017, Western’s Board of Directors directed staff to begin analyzing the current operations and whether or not Western is the best provider of service for the Murrieta customer, or would customers’ benefit from a change in water providers.

On June 21, Western’s Board took action to have the Board’s Murrieta Committee continue to meet to determine the process and begin work on future analysis. The analysis may include the following key items:

  • All cost impacts to customers, including fees, charges and water rates
  • Property tax rates – imposed by other water agency
  • Standbys, miscellaneous fees/charges, developer fees and watering restrictions
  • Services provided, rebates and any special programs or penalties

The main goal of this analysis is to ensure that our customers are receiving the highest level of service possible whether with Western or another neighboring water agency.  The detailed analysis might also reveal that no change is warranted.


Rancho California Water District has expressed an interest in providing service to Murrieta customers.

Our valued Western Murrieta customers, are invited to attend our upcoming Murrieta Committee meeting.

Murrieta Committee Meeting
Wednesday, July 26, 6 p.m.
Murrieta Community Center, Multi-purpose Room
41810 Juniper Street, Murrieta

We welcome, encourage and value your input on your future water service, and we look forward to seeing you at the meeting.

For more information, contact Western’s Communication Manager Rachel McGuire at 951.571.7255 or