Efficiency Stories

Turf Replacement Rebate Program
Western's wildly successful Turf Replacement Rebate Program is currently on hold. The majority of funding for this program, which was provided by Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, has recently been exhausted. Please check back regularly to check the rebate status! In the meantime, here are a few great business examples of the transformation of turf to climate-appropriate.

Commercial Turf Replacement Program - Bourns Inc.

Turf Replacement Bourns Inc  Turf Replacement Bourns Inc

Commercial Turf Replacement Program - Kaiser
Turf Replacement Kaiser  Turf Replacement Kaiser

Commercial Turf Replacement Program - Alessandro Median
Turf Replacement Alessandro Median  Turf Replacement Alessandro Median

Commercial Turf Replacement Program - Van Buren Median
Turf Replacement Van Buren Median   Commercial Turf Replacement Program - Van Buren Median

Western is committed to innovative, creative business practices that more efficiently use natural resources, financial assets and human capital to improve service while reducing costs.

Here are just a few of our stories on efficiency.

  • Adapting our business model to balance growth with the needs of the global community is one of our core values. Western practices this by making sustainable choices that conserve resources, something to which we are strongly committed. As an environmental steward, we demonstrate our commitment to sustainability by diversifying the sources of water we provide our customers and by encouraging our customers to use water as efficiently as possible. Similarly, with the continual emphasis on combating climate change, it’s imperative to also decrease our environmental footprint. We’ve chosen to follow this new tradition by modifying our Meridian Administrative Office interior to meet the requirements of the USGBC LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System. Our Operations Facility on El Sobrante was recently designated with a LEED® Silver Certification.
  • Western’s BEST program, which showcases outstanding efficiencies set in motion by astute employees, provides the District an annual savings in costs of roughly $303,000. Those employees are recognized annually for their contributions. BEST, which stands for Betterment, Efficiency, Savings and Teamwork, is designed to reward employees for ideas that save the District money, labor or resources.
  • The District reduced the CIP budget by $42 million over five years beginning in the FY 2010/11.
  • Western addresses growing water constraints faced by communities across Southern California. As water supplies dwindle, using water efficiently is the lowest cost means to create additional supplies, particularly when compared to developing new infrastructure, drilling additional wells or purchasing water from outside the region. To that end, the District provides many rebate and incentive programs to help our customers in partnering with us to work and live efficiently.
  • The District recently refinanced bond debt in its Murrieta Division to assist customers and improve infrastructure. By refinancing Western’s CFD bonds, $4.5 million in long-term interest rate savings will provide a lower annual tax bill for a portion of the Murrieta Division customers and generate nearly $600,000 for improving Murrieta’s water infrastructure. Full story.