Drought & Restrictions

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Western Moves to Stage 2 in the
Water Supply Shortage Contingency Plan


Although the State Water Board has elected to maintain an emergency drought posture, Western’s Board believes the drought emergency is over.

Western has invested in drought resilient water supplies to secure our future. Western’s allocation-based water rate structure, adopted in 2011, rewards efficient water use. In light of available water supplies, efficiency, not sacrifice, is the appropriate policy now. Western certified with the State Water Board in June 2016 that it had ample supplies to meet customer demands through three additional drought years. The water supply has improved dramatically since then. The emergency is over.

Common-sense water restrictions remain in effect in Stage 2, Water Supply Alert.

Examples include:
• No landscape water runoff or overspray allowed
• Watering only between 8 pm and 8 am
• No hosing down driveways or patios
• No watering during or within 48 hours after rain

At all stages of water supply availability, Western has free programs as well as rebates for water saving devices to help customers use water more efficiency. 

Water Shortage Contingency Plan

Tiered Rates FAQ

Town Hall Meetings on the Drought - Coming in July 2016! 

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