Drought status and water supply

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In response to decreasing statewide water supplies, California is banning the watering of ornamental grass for commercial customers as of June 1, 2022. The ban does not include turf at residences or turf used for recreation or community purposes. This mandate will affect Western's commercial customers.

Additionally, The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California is requiring that more than 6 million people in parts of Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and Ventura counties—who rely on state water from northern California -- restrict outdoor watering to just one day per week due to rapidly worsening drought conditions. This mandate DOES NOT currently apply to Western customers. 

Western's water supply and response actions 

Western relies on water imported from Northern California; however recent customer investments have created local supply and storage at Diamond Valley Lake that is getting us through for now. But, we need all customers to do their part to step it up and slow your water flow. Using less water now may help prevent mandatory water use restrictions later. 

Western remains in Stage 2 – Water Supply Alert status of its Water Shortage Contingency Plan (WSCP), which calls for a voluntary 20 percent water use reduction. Customers should reduce water use by 20%, particularly outside, where more than 60 percent of residential water is used. 

If the State or The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California requests future mandatory reductions, Western will look at implementing an administrative and/or drought fine policy as a tool to encourage efficient water use.

We encourage you to get familiar with your water bill, learn about your water budget and review your water usage each month. Western has a variety of customer support tools and programs to help you use water efficiently. Learn more by visiting, wmwd.com/Rebates

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State Actions

The State of California has implemented the following actions: 
  • June 2022: State Water Resources Control Board adopts emergency conservation regulations stating that urban water suppliers must implement actions that reflect a water shortage level of up to 20 percent (Level 2) by June 16, 2022, and prohibit potable irrigation of non-functional turf for commercial, industrial and institutional (CII) customers
  • March 2022: Executive Order issued calling on local water suppliers to activate drought contingency plans. Direction issued to the State Water Resources Control Board to consider a ban on the watering of decorative grass at businesses and institutions.
  • October 2021: Drought Proclamation extended to all 58 counties in California. Californians urged to conserve water.
  • July 2021: Executive Order issued calling on all Californians to voluntarily reduce their water use by 15 percent compared to 2020 levels.

Metropolitan Water District Actions

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California has implemented the following actions:
  • June 2022: Outdoor watering restrictions go into effect for 6 million people in San Bernardino, Ventura, and LA counties. The restriction does not apply to Western. 
  • April 2022: Calls to restrict outdoor watering to just one day per week due to rapidly worsening drought conditions (not in Western's area).

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Western is committed to supporting the conservation efforts in Northern California, promoting state voluntary guidelines and the One Water approach of The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. This means, Western and its customers will continue to keep up the good work of saving water here in Southern California and stepping up water use efficiency efforts when needed.

To support water conservation, customers can take advantage of Western’s new online store, H2O Depot. By logging in at WesternH2ODepot.com, Western customers can select from a variety of water-saving devices such as showerheads, hose nozzles, and moisture meters and have them shipped directly to their home at no-cost.