Drought status and water supply

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Drought is back and it's time to step it up
While much of the state and western United States is experiencing prolonged dry conditions and declared drought, Western is prepared to provide reliable, high-quality water supply today, and always. Western, through our regional water partners and customers’ water-saving actions, has worked to save as much water as possible during wet years. As a result, the region began this year with more water in storage facilities than ever before.

But we need your help!
While we have water to meet your needs, we cannot be certain if we are at the end of a short drought or facing the beginning of a long-term drought. Given the increased severity of conditions, It’s up to each and every customer to step up their water-saving efforts so that our stored, imported water will last as long as possible and keep our region ahead of the drought curve.

  1. What do I need to do?
  2. Are there mandatory cutbacks?
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  4. Does Western offer resources to help me save water?
  5. What is Western doing to prepare?

Continue to Step It Up

Thanks to our customer's water-saving efforts, we have seen residential water usage go down by nearly 40% in the last decade. But as the prolonged dry conditions persist and the Governor calls for increased water savings, we are asking customers to "Step It Up." Believe it or not, more than 60 percent of residential water use is attributed to outdoor watering. Some of the easiest ways Western customers can save water and stay within their outdoor water budget is by adjusting irrigation schedules, installing weather-based irrigation controllers, and moving to a drip irrigation system. 


Cut it off

Cut minutes off your irrigation. Keep cutting until your plants tell you to stop, or let a new controller do it for you.

Up to $300 for weather-based irrigation controllers


Take it out

Western is now offering $5 per square foot of turf removed for the first 1,000 square feet.

$5 per square foot


Switch it up

Western offers a $5 per nozzle rebate for high-efficiency sprinkler nozzles.

$5 per nozzle

Experiment with your irrigation

Don't be afraid to experiment. Skip watering for a week and see what happens, then try two weeks, and so on! When you notice signs of distress (wilting or leaf discoloration), give plants a good soak. And remember, when it rains, you can often go days or even weeks without watering.        

Explore more water-saving tools

In addition to these practices, customers are encouraged to use our various indoor and outdoor water efficiency rebates, tools, publications, and programs to help them save even more. These can all be found online at wmwd.com/Rebates.

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How it's going...


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Western is committed to supporting the conservation efforts in Northern California, promoting state voluntary guidelines and the One Water approach of The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. This means, Western and its customers will continue to keep up the good work of saving water here in Southern California and stepping up water use efficiency efforts when needed.