Billing Scams and Solicitations

Customer Service Billing

Safe, Secure Payments with Western

Make sure your bill payments are safe, secure and on time.

Western offers several ways for you to pay your bill, including online, by phone, auto pay, by mail, at participating 7-11 stores and at our customer service counter.

Western is aware there are other bill paying options for customers and we are not affiliated nor do we endorse any other services and cannot take responsibility for issues that may come up for customers who do not use Western’s official payment options.

Customer Alert: Phone Scam

Several Western customers have received phone calls from a fake Western MWD phone number that erroneously shows up on customers’ caller ID. Customers are being asked to take surveys or have their water shut off. These calls are a phone scam. This scam is taking place at several different water district’s in our region, and Riverside Sheriff’s Department is aware and looking in to this matter. We urge our customers who have questions about the legitimacy of a call from Western to contact our customer service line directly at 951.571.7104. Thank you.

Notice: Beware of Solicitation

Western does not have a relationship with any vendors offering free toilet installations for homeowners. If you are contacted by someone posing as a Western-certified contractor offering plumbing retrofits, please use discretion.

If you have questions, call 951-571-7104.

Customer Safety Warning

Our employees in the field wear Western uniforms and carry I.D. badges. We will never ask to come inside your house or backyard. If anyone posing as a Western employee asks to come inside your home, call the sheriff or police department immediately.

Emergency Assistance If you are experiencing an after-hours water or wastewater-related emergency, please call 951.789.5109.