Meter Replacement Program


As with many things in this world, water meters can slow down over time. The result is that they begin to under-register water usage. Over the course of the year, replacement meters will be installed throughout about half of Western’s Riverside service area in order to ensure the meter is registering water use accurately. Not every meter meets the replacement criteria, so your neighbor may receive a new meter but you may not need one.

Western is committed to making sure customers receiving a new meter are notified throughout the process. The installation process is simple and there is only about a 15-minute interruption to water service. Customers do not have to be present during the process. All customers have to do is make sure that the meter is readily accessible when our installers arrive.

Our meter replacement notification process starts approximately one to two months prior to the replacement meter being installed. Customers receive a letter with their Western utility bill with full details on the replacement process. One week prior, a door hanger is placed at the customers’ property, if feasible. Day of, Western’s authorized meter installers, Golden Meters, will ring the doorbell or knock on the door to notify customers. If water is being used during that time and they are unable to speak with a resident, the water will remain on.

If a meter is unable to be replaced because the water was on or the meter was behind a locked gate, for instance, our customer will receive a door hanger noting that Western was unable to replace the meter and what to do next.

Western strives to be stewards of the environment, and we apologize if any door hangers blow off doors and end up on the street or in your yard. We recommend recycling these door hangers.

If you have questions on the meter replacement project, please call us at 951.571.7104 or email

For more information, click on the link below.

Frequently Answered Questions (PDF)
Sample Door Hanger – Pre-replacement (PDF)
Sample Door Hanger – Post-replacement (PDF)