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About the Project

​​​​Western Municipal Water District is investing in the region’s water infrastructure to help secure additional local water supplies and reduce the region’s reliance on water from Northern California.

The Sterling Pump Station project is being constructed on Sterling Avenue in Riverside and is a component of the La Sierra Pipeline project.

The pump station and pipeline will move high-quality drinking water from both the Arlington and Chino groundwater desalters to customers throughout Western’s service area.

In addition to the new pump station, this project includes site improvements such as landscaping, lighting, cameras and security fencing.


Project Area Map

Construction Updates

October 2019

Buildings are erected and completion of the project is on the horizon. No traffic, road or parking impacts are expected.
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Construction Information

Construction Timeline: Spring 2018 to Fall 2019

Sterling Avenue will remain open with occasional lane closures. Some access to businesses may be reduced to one lane. Normal construction dust control measures will be in place.
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