Sterling Pump Station FAQs

What is the Sterling Pump Station?

The Sterling Pump Station is a component of Western’s La Sierra Pipeline project, a five-mile underground pipeline being built along La Sierra Avenue and one of multiple projects underway to secure the region’s local water supply. The pump station will provide the technology to propel water uphill at various points along the new pipeline, providing a secure, local and reliable water source for Western’s customers.

Why is Western building the Sterling Pump Station?

Western provides nearly 28 billion gallons of water each year to our customers in Riverside County. Many don’t realize that fifty-five percent of that water is imported, mainly from Northern California. Imported water travels farther from source to tap and is less reliable than locally sourced water. Western is currently working on innovative infrastructure projects to secure locally sourced water for the region to keep rates controlled and establish reliability.

Three projects, all of which are currently under construction, will work together to deliver a new local and reliable water supply to Western’s service area. The local water supply starts with the expanded Chino and Arlington desalters, which extract local groundwater and use reverse osmosis to purify it into clean drinking water. The new Sterling Pump Station will use technology to pump water from the desalters uphill through the La Sierra Pipeline, a new five-mile, 30-inch underground pipeline under construction along La Sierra Avenue. When completed in 2020, the pipeline will carry water to the La Sierra Reservoir and then deliver it to Western customers.

This infographic (below) highlights how the various projects Western is undertaking will work together to secure, transport and provide local, reliable water to the region.

Sterling_Pump_Infographic FINAL

Where is it being built?

The project site is at the end of Sterling Avenue in the Riverside Business Park, in between Riverside Indoor Shooting Range and the Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority.

How long will the project take?

Construction will begin in Spring 2018 and take approximately 18 months to complete.


Will there be weekend or overnight construction?

Work is scheduled during weekday hours from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Weekend and overnight work is not currently scheduled, although it will be permitted in special circumstances as requested by the contractor.

How will construction impact traffic in the Riverside Business Park?

Sterling Avenue will remain open with occasional lane narrowing or closures. Some access to businesses may be reduced to one lane. Access in and out of the Riverside Business Park and to parking areas will be maintained.

Will parking be affected?

Construction may affect parking adjacent to the property for a brief period of time, but in general, parking in the Riverside Business Park will not be affected. Businesses will receive advance notice if any disruption to parking will occur.

Will there be loud noises and dust from construction?

Nearby businesses may hear normal noise associated with construction such as beeping, engines running, workers talking, hammering, etc. No unusually loud noises are expected and normal dust control measures will be in place.

Will my customers be affected? 

Customers, employees and delivery people in the Riverside Business Park should not be affected as business and parking access will be maintained.

How can the community stay informed about the project?

There are many ways to stay informed with construction updates, including joining Western’s social media channels, signing up for our eNewsletter, visiting the Sterling Pump Station webpage or calling the 24/7 construction hotline 961.269.2339 for updated information, as well as an opportunity to leave a voicemail with any comments or concerns.

How much will this project cost?  Sterling Pump Station construction will cost $16 million.

How is this project being funded?  The Sterling Pump station and La Sierra Pipeline project is not expected to increase the rates charged to customers. The Project will provide high quality source of water that is locally developed rather than imported; thereby, increasing the District’s water supply reliably to our customers. The project is funded by a Federal Bureau of Reclamation Grant and by Western’s Water Reliability Fund, which is earmarked in Western’s existing rate schedule. Financing is provided by the State of California’s Revolving Fund Loan program.

Who can I contact if there is an issue or concern? 

Please contact Lynne Butler, Community Affairs Specialist Representative II, at or our construction hotline at 951.269.2339.