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North Well 24/7 drilling period resumed
Monday, September 9 in Murrieta

The second drilling phase of Murrieta’s new North Well began on Monday, September 9.  Drilling is anticipated to last approximately two weeks. As before, drilling will be 24-hours a day to protect crews and equipment. The temporary sound wall will remain in place to minimize as much noise as possible.

We continue to appreciate our Murrieta customers during this period of inconvenience, so Western can create long-term infrastructure and provide long-term rate reliability.

Murrieta North Well 2019

North Well project overview

Following months of planning and design work, Western Municipal Water District is reestablishing a well in Murrieta to continue its investment in cost-effective local water sources and spend less money on expensive imported water. Water from the new North Well will only be delivered to Western’s customers in Murrieta.

To best serve our Murrieta customers, we are reestablishing a well site at the corner of Vineyard Parkway and Kentucky Derby Way. The North Well will replace an older well on the same site that we decommissioned in 2017 because the infrastructure no longer met our standards. The quality of the groundwater remains high, so the new well will provide a critical local water source for our Murrieta customers.

Western Municipal Water District is dedicated to finding local water sources to provide safe and reliable water for our customers. We serve an area where droughts are a regional reality. Without many local water sources, we have been relying on more expensive imported water.

The first of two drilling periods is scheduled to begin in mid-June with the second period of drilling expected to take place during the end of June.  We expect to have the well in service by the summer of 2020. Again, the drilling work is taking place on the same site as the decommissioned well.

Residents in the area will be notified of additional drilling periods and periods that require 24-hour work. We are committed to keeping all of our customers updated throughout the project.

North Well FAQ

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Fast facts

  • Well site is located at the corner of Vineyard Parkway and Kentucky Derby Way.
  • The older well was decommissioned in 2017 when its operation no longer met our quality standards.
  • Water from the well will only be used exclusively for Western's Murrieta customers.
  • North Well is expected to produce 750 gallons of water per minute or 1.08 million gallons per day. That's almost enough water to fill two Olympic-sized pools.
  • Temporary walls have been installed at the project site to reduce the sound of drilling noise. When the project is complete we will remove the temporary structures.