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As a public, not-for-profit government agency, Western is dedicated to efficiently delivering safe, reliable water and wastewater (sewer) services. 

Special Districts are formed and governed by a publicly elected Board of Directors to establish or enhance essential services in their communities. Western is a Special District providing water and, in some cases, wastewater (sewer) services to nearly 1 million people who live, work and play across a 527-square mile service area in western Riverside County.

Value of Western water

Since our region does not have many natural local sources of water, most of your water has traveled through hundreds of miles of open aqueducts and pipelines from the Sierra Nevada mountain snowpack in northern California to your home. This is a long, energy-intensive and expensive trip. 

Western continues to make investments in infrastructure and local partnerships to increase local water supplies and decrease our reliance on more costly imported water. We are working 24/7/365 to make sure you receive the highest quality water, on-demand when you need it.

Your water's journey

Understanding your rates

Reviewing your water bill will help you make informed choices about water use. Learn about the monthly charges in your bill by choosing your service area below:



Investing in Your Future

Western has been investing in the region’s water infrastructure to help secure additional local water supplies and reduce the region’s reliance on water from northern California. Learn more about how Western is investing customer dollars to secure water supply reliability.

Capital Improvement and Facilities Plan (CIFP) - Fiscal Years 2020-2025

Connect with us

Western is committed to providing safe, reliable water in a cost-effective manner, while also protecting water resources and the public’s health. For more information, contact Western’s Strategic Communications team.