Water Supply - Frequently Asked Questions

General water supply questions

  1. What water supply stage is Western in?
  1. What do I need to do to help save water?
  1. What does my business need to do to save water?
  1. What tools does Western Water offer its customers?
  1. Are there programs in place to help me save water in my home?
  1. What do I need to know to convert my lawn to water-wise landscaping?
  1. Does Western Water offer other ideas and resources to get my lawn conversion started?
  1. What is Western doing to make sure our region has water supplies capable of meeting demands now and into the future?
  1. What drought stage are we in?
  1. What are the watering restrictions for CII customers and what is Western's response? 
  1. What is “non-functional turf”?
  1. Does the “non-functional turf” ban apply to residential properties?
  1. May people use recycled water or greywater to irrigate turf?
  1. Does this regulation apply to HOAs?
  1. What is the ordinance to businesses using recycled water?