Victoria Recharge Basin

The Victoria Recharge Basin is a strategic part of Western Water's plan to develop local, reliable water supplies for the region.

The Basin captures stormwater runoff and allows it to seep into the groundwater aquifer below. Recharge occurs naturally when rainfall and stormwater collect on the ground. As it moves down through the soil from the surface, water fills the air spaces between soil particles and eventually replenishes or “recharges” the underground aquifer. The facility is designed to mimic the natural hydrologic process.

The Victoria Recharge Basin is part of the larger Arlington Basin Sustainability Project, including additional production wells and a delivery pipeline. The project stabilizes the Arlington Groundwater Basin, improves groundwater quality, and allows the optimal operation of the Arlington Desalter, bringing 1,800 acre-feet of water per year to our region. That’s a yearly water supply for 3,600 homes.

Virtual Tour - Victoria Recharge Basin