How does the procurement process work?
District Purchasing Procedures (exclusive of Public Works projects) require Buyers to obtain three quotes for purchases over $2,500 and to select that service or product that provides the best value to the District. Buyers may choose to single or sole source a purchase if the product or service is unique and cannot be reasonably provided by any other source; the product or service cannot be reasonably obtained due to geographic location of potential vendors; or, the vendor has a distinct knowledge of District needs based on prior activity with the District.

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1. What does the District do?
2. How do I become a vendor for the District?
3. Do I need a Business License to conduct business with the District?
4. How are purchases solicited?
5. How does the procurement process work?
6. Do I need a contractor's license?
7. I am a professional in “XYZ” field. Do I need a license?
8. What are Prevailing Wages and how does it affect doing business with the District?
9. What are the DIR registration requirements for work on any District public works projects?
10. What is an authorized purchase?
11. How will I receive a Purchase Order?
12. What do I do when I receive a purchase order?
13. What about gifts and gratuities?
14. How do I get paid?
15. Are there any insurance requirements?
16. What are the District’s safety concerns?