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1. Once I fill out an application and submit it online, how do I know you have received it?
2. When can I follow up on the status of my application?
3. Do you accept unsolicited applications and resumes for future job openings?
4. What happens to a job application and a resume that is submitted when there are no job openings?
5. When there is a job opening, can I submit my resume in place of an application?
6. There is not enough space in the application to list all my responsibilities / duties from my previous and present jobs, what do I do?
7. What kind of interviews or tests can I expect to come across when I interview for the District?
8. What is the recruitment process for a position that states "open until filled?"
9. After a job is closed, how long does it take before we hear from the District?
10. After a job is closed, how long does it take to hire a candidate?
11. How does the District determine or assess skills, job knowledge and qualifications?
12. What are the basic steps of the employee recruitment process?
13. What is probation and how long does it last?